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Order a color sample of your choice to get a better idea of which color you want.

You can also go to NCS Color website to see more colors & inspiration!


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Order a demo cuka home and

Buying a door is an easy way to get a better idea of how the profile and material feel.

All of our demo doors are 20 x 30 in random color from previous projects.

If you also want a color sample, we will also be happy to help by sending you an A4 of the color you want.

The delivery time for a Demo is about 1-2 weeks

You can order a Demo home by using the link below or email us at info@frontsbysweden.com and write which Demo you want and we will send you a slot.

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Doors for IKEA PAX

When you know what to order for, IKEA PAX Planning tool. You can easily go under the following heading and check off IKEA's drawing and order directly in the webshop. If you would like help or a quote based on your IKEA drawing, please send your drawing to info@frontsbysweden.com. We will get back with an offer as soon as possible. What we need to know about you, apart from the IKEA drawing, is the desired door model and its colour. additional hand drawing if necessary. Something we have become known for is cabinets for Pax frames. We have developed a range of standard sizes at an unbeatable price, but can also tailor the frames to your specifications.

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Klicka för att se att se alla våra dörrar. Våra dörrar tillverkas för IKEA PAX stommar. Luckorna tillverkas i hög kvalité. Luckorna går att få i valfri kulör. Snabb leverans! Gör er IKEA garderob till en design garderob med IKEAs stommar och våra dörrar
Klicka för att se att se alla våra luckor. Våra luckor tillverkas för IKEA Metod stommar. Luckorna tillverkas i hög kvalité. Luckorna går att få i valfri kulör. Snabb leverans! Gör ert IKEA kök till ett design kök med IKEAs stommar och våra luckor


We are specialists in manufacturing kitchen doors for IKEA Metod kitchens. We use all IKEA drilling templates and drill our doors completely according to IKEA's instructions, which makes our doors as easy to assemble as IKEA's own doors.

We have all sizes of doors and plinths like IKEA. This makes it very easy to use the IKEA kitchen drawing when planning your kitchen.

In addition to IKEA's standard range, we can also manufacture customized parts as required.

If you want an offer, you can easily see our door models with prices directly in the web shop below. Or email the link to your IKEA drawing IKEA kitchen planner to info@frontsbysweden.com and we will help you with a quote based on your drawing.

By buying the frames from IKEA and the doors from us, we can create a design kitchen at an unbeatable price.

Here you order shutters for method

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Special fronts

If you would like us to make custom pieces that are not in IKEA or our standard range, please email us the sizes. We are happy to make some adjustments. - Customized cover sides, extra height or width for kitchen island. - Raised cabinet doors. - Custom fronts. - Adjust the number of frames.

Send an email to: info@frontsbysweden.com

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About us

To offer our customers the choice to design their own fronts according to a variety of possibilities. We try to create tailor-made solutions for your home. We listen and adapt to our customers.

Fronts by Sweden is a meeting place for fine carpentry with a focus on the design of fronts. We offer a selection of modern and classic fronts in over 2000 different paint colors. We offer everything from exclusive and modern decorative fronts in gold, copper or classic lacquered fronts with a focus on manufacturing kitchen doors adapted to IKEA frames, Metod, Pax.

How can our prices be so low?

Today, IKEA has very good quality in its frames.

But that there is no place to put your unique stamp on your kitchen with plastic doors from IKEA.

With our fronts, you can choose any NCS colour, veneer



A traditional door with a soft inner seam combined with decorative hinges

Our Classic

Frame fronts

A classic look for a stylish appearance

The bestseller

Grab bar door

A handleless option for a modern and stylish look


A traditional look for traditional kitchens and wardrobes. Can be cut with 1, 2 or 3 frames.

Our traditional


A traditional front with and without decorative grooves

Our front

Smal ram

From a classic door to a more modern look with a narrower frame

Glass doors

We can manufacture display doors with both large clear glass and cross, but ordering directly from the webshop is currently not possible. If you want an ad, send us an email

Rounded edge

A smooth door that interacts with the doors next to it to create a unique pattern. Made with 8 steel radius that gives a soft edge