It's getting to be timeto replace the kitchen? Make sure you have a plan before you start and that you are aware of all the steps involved in such a renovation.

Also keep in mind that the work you choose to hire out requires planning and coordination.

Craftsman you need when you renovate the kitchen are electricians, plumbers and possibly tilers & carpenters

Before you start, check with the municipality if your kitchen renovation requires a building notification. When moving the entire kitchen or e.g. the drain, a building notification is required in many cases.

When we list step-by-step how to renovate the kitchen, we assume a scenario where you already have a kitchen drawing and all the products are selected.

Kitchen renovation step by step

1. Tear out the old kitchen, either by yourself or with the help of a carpenter and plug old pipes. Also, if necessary, tear down walls where new pipes and new electricity are to be laid, as well as the floor if it is to be replaced.

- You can either do this part yourself to save money, or have the carpenter do it. Then also think about whether you should drive the material to the recycling center yourself or pay to have it driven away.

2. Electrician and plumber now starting any work to adjust the electrical and plumbing to work with the layout of your new kitchen. They remove the electricity and the pipes that are not to be used anymore. New draws take place.

3. Now its time to restore any interventions in walls, floors and ceilings - for example repairing plasterboard, plastering and painting. If you do not do the work yourself, carpenters and painters are required at this stage.

4. Assembly of kitchen frames and dish-ho. If you are not planning to do the work yourself, again a carpenter is needed for this step.

5. Installation of kitchen worktop. Many custom-made countertops are delivered with a ready-made hole for the sink, but if you haven't done so, some measuring and sawing is required to get this part done.

- Keep in mind that if you choose a stone countertop, the delivery time for this can cause you to have a break in the renovation. Often the manufacturer only wants to come and measure when the frames are in place, then the worktop must be manufactured and delivered. It could then mean that the renovation time is doubled because you get a break in the middle.

6. Possibly tiles installed by yourself or a tiler between lower and upper cabinets. Any splash guard is mounted above the hob at the same time - alternatively when the electrician has been on site and connected the fan and oven.

- You usually have tiles both above the stove and sometimes behind the fan, but the tile is installed before the fan.

7. Any lighting on the underside of upper cabinets and in drawers are installed by an electrician, and the oven and fan are connected. The plumber will also visit again to connect the dishwasher, mixer at the sink and any ice machine in the refrigerator.

8. A final review with the carpenter. It can be about cupboards to be dressed up to the ceiling, furnishings to be installed in the kitchen cupboards, hatches to be in place and/or small adjustments that need to be made for an aesthetically pleasing result.